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We are seven mates who had that classic “we should open a bar!” chat while pissed but then no one really forgot about it when we woke up hungover. Our bar is inspired by trips that we go on together. You know the ones; after a trip on the highway that takes two hours longer than you thought, you rock up to some beach house you’d never be able to afford.

The next few days are full of great big fry ups and food made to share, a potluck of different booze, creatively made drinks courtesy of that one person who somehow has this skill none of you knew about, a playlist of bangers that would make the harshest music critic yell ‘CHUNE!’ with frustrating but hilarious frequency, and of course, friendship.

Our bar is bringing those feels to you. We’ve got coal fired meats and our spin on your fave bbq sides, cracking craft beers on tap and in the fridge, amazing wine and absolute belters of cocktails. Just like that beach house, once something’s gone, it’s gone. So each time you come in, there will be something different waiting here for you. Make sure to catch us while you can, because nothing lasts forever.


0434 661 028

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